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Resources for Hindu Youth
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Hindu Youth Universe Home
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wpe2.jpg (845 bytes) Festivals & Worship
wpe2.jpg (845 bytes) Get to Know India
wpe2.jpg (845 bytes) Scriptures for Youth
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Learn Hindu Dharma
Hindu FAQ
Have you ever wondered in Hindu Dharma and Culture :
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Hinduism Simplified
by Dr. G. Chaudhary
Questions from a youth and answers by a parent

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Hinduism Simplified
Culture Course
A Ten Part Educational Course to Introduce you to Hindu Dharma and the culture of India

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Culture Course
Hindu Dharma
by Shree Bansi Pandit
An easily understood introduction to Hindu dharma

WB00885_.GIF (985 bytes) Hindu dharma
God in Hindu Dharma and Temples
Get to know the manifestations of God - the Gods and Goddesses of Hindu dharma

WB00885_.GIF (985 bytes)Major forms of Gods and Goddesses
WB00885_.GIF (985 bytes)Hindu Trinity
WB00885_.GIF (985 bytes)Avatars
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